Structural Bearing Assemblies

Versiflex™ Elastomeric Bearing Assemblies are custom molded using neoprene or natural rubber and are categorized into three basic designs: non-reinforced, laminated and sliding bearing assemblies.


Non-Reinforced Design

Non-reinforced bearing devices are best specified when the load, rotation and horizontal deflection are minimal.

Laminated Design

Versiflex Elastomeric Bearing Components – Laminated Design

The addition of internal steel plates (or laminates) increases the vertical load bearing capacity and the amount of horizontal deflection which can be accommodated by the bearing device. Laminated bearing assemblies are molded to any shape or size. The internal steel plates are vulcanize-bonded to alternating layers of elastomer during the molding process.


Sliding Design

Versiflex™ Elastomeric Bearing Components
– Sliding Design

For applications where horizontal displacements exceed +/-2 inches(50mm), sliding elastomeric bearing assemblies may provide an economical solution. The addition of a low-friction sliding surface allows a standard laminated elastomeric bearing device to accommodate unlimited horizontal displacement without increasing the height of the bearing assembly.

A slide bearing assembly consists of an upper and lower component. The upper component consists of a steel load plate attached to the superstructure and a polished stainless steel sheet welded to the load plate. The lower component consists of low-friction PTFE bonded to a carbon or stainless steel base plate, bonded to an elastomeric bearing, and bonded to a steel load plate.