Expansion Joint Systems

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In 1960 The D.S. Brown Company began designing and extruding the first generation of Delastic® Preformed Compression Seals. To withstand the demanding requirements of bridge/highway installations, all Delastic® Preformed Compression Seals are extruded from neoprene (polycholoroprene) compounds which satisfy the ASTM standard specification D3542 for Preformed Polychloroprene Elastic Joint Seals for Bridges.

In addition to highway and bridge applications, Delastic® Neoprene Compression Seals have also been used in spillways, dams, parking structures, stadium ramps and pedestrian overpasses.

Compression Seal Calculator

If you aren’t sure what size seal you need, simply select your joint opening at mid-temperature (50˚ F) and we will determine the best seal for your application.


Other Seals

Delastic® AF preformed seals provide a level top surface that is particularly suited for pedestrian traffic. Once in the compressed state, the top sections are much closer together and form a level walking surface and a pleasing visual effect for exposed vertical applications.

Installation Tools

To facilitate seal installation, the D.S. Brown Company offers a complete line of self-manufactured tools for sale or rental.

Mark X
for seals from 1-5/8
to 2-1/2 inches

Mark XX
for seals from 3 to 6 inches

Trough and Tapper for seals from 1-1/4 to 4 inches nominal width